How RYTER works

RYTER is a no-code, AI-powered toolset to turn expert knowledge into interactive modules.

It only takes 4 easy steps for lawyers, auditors, consultants and other knowledge professionals to build, accelerate, scale, sell and analyze their knowledge.
Just draw code

Simply draw what is in your mind. RYTER turns it into code.

Simply visualize, drag & drop expert knowledge into complex decisions trees. RYTER is easy-to-use, intuitive and lean yet powerful enough for professional use.
connect your logic

Our special sauce: A complete logic toolset made effortless.

Enrich decision trees with logic and rules with RYTER’s no-code editor. RYTER allows to effortlessly manage complex, professional decision structures and automate your workflows.
publish and sell

Distribute and monetize your content with the push of a button.

Deploy and market your modules built on the RYTER Platform effortlessly and efficiently to customers and companies. RYTER Modules are deployed and distributed within seconds.
Control and analyze

Unparalleled insights into your decisions.

Gain new level of insights through a state-of-the art dashboard providing impactful insights and business analytics (BI). RYTER gives full transparency on your data.

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